Welcome to the North American Data Security RPG

This site is a resource for you to learn more about the coverage provided in the Merchant Data Security Policy (the "Policy") issued to the risk purchasing group North American Data Security RPG (the "Company"). In general, the Policy is designed to provide protection to credit card processing companies, acquiring banks, ISOs and their merchants for the common financial liability risks (i.e., imposition of fees and expenses) resulting from payment card processing activities and breaches of payment card data. For New York domiciled businesses wishing to opt-out, click here.

In addition to providing general information about the Company and membership, this site allows you to: (1) confirm membership in the Company by printing your Statement of Benefits and a copy of the Policy; (2) obtain information about the Policy; and (3) obtain information about how to report a claim under the Policy.

We welcome you as a member of the North American Data Security RPG!